Unlocking The Voices Of Autistic Children

Unlocking the Voices of Autistic Children!

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YOU KNOW THIS SCRIPTURE —  JOEL 2:28 In the last days I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh and your sons and your daughters —will do what??? PROPHESY!  They will PROPHESY Using their mouths, their lips, their vocal cords! Go ahead and call me crazy but with 1 out every 45 kids being autistic, and 40% of them non-verbal (for those of you in Rio Linda that means they can’t talk) I say this is an attack of the Enemy to shut the mouths of the Joel 2:28 generation!

But God is opening their mouths! “Autism has stolen their words, but God is giving them a voice!” Not only is this true of the amazing 11 yr old autistic boy Josiah Cullen, but more and more parents are coming forward privately to say their autistic children are also having incredible heavenly encounters, giving prophetic words, are also sharing profound prophetic experiences through typing on iPads, and other devices. (Using a method called RPM or Rapid Prompting Method.)

This just confirms my belief these children are highly prophetic! All the more reason to believe for total and complete healing of autistic children. THEIR MOUTHS MUST BE UNLOCKED AND OPENED FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT TO SPEAK THROUGH THEM, not just on iPads, but with real speech! They have incredible things to say!

The Enemy has tried to shut them up, but GOD IS USING THEM ANYWAY TO GET OUT HIS MESSAGE! Of course not every autistic child his having divine encounters and heavenly experiences, so if your child is not, LAY YOUR HANDS ON THEM AND PROPHESY OVER THEM and pray they too will start hearing and seeing from the Holy Spirit.

But the peddle to the metal and let’s press in for total healing of autistic children!

Check out the FB page Josiah’s Fire and look at the things Josiah has been typing since age 7.

Write down the name of your autistic child below, and write out your prophetic declaration over them! How many loved ones of autistic children are seeing this post today?

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