Who Is This Course For?

Kids in Ministry International Who Is This Course For?


The School of Supernatural Children’s Ministry

Who Is This Course For?

This is a training course for both parents and children’s ministers. While fifteen of the classes are specifically for those involved in children’s ministry, two thirds of the sessions are issues that both children’s ministers and Christian parents needs to know in the spiritual climate we find ourselves in today. Most moms and dads were never actually spiritually “discipled” in their homes by their parents, even if the families were born again. In most cases, spiritual parenting translated into taking their kids to church on Sunday and maybe vacation Bible School or kids camp in the summer. So new generations tend to parent their children the way they were parented. Likewise, children’s ministers keep doing what they do with kids because it’s what has been modeled before them. This course will rock your world as it relates to what it takes to raise spiritual champions in your churches and homes!

Who Is This Course For?  PARENTS

“As a parent the SSCM training equipped me to take my kids from head knowledge only, to a heart relationship with the Father, walking in the supernatural lifestyle they are created for, such as hearing the voice of God, being led by His spirit, praying for the sick, seeing signs and wonders. These things are a normal part of everyday life for them now. If you are at a loss and need help to get your kids moving in the deeper things of God this course is a must.” Torry N.,Texas


“I cannot tell you how much this course radically changed my ministry to children. You were the first person to introduce me to a world of unending possibilities when it comes to children. I have been forever ruined to serve Him all the days of my life. Thank you for your dedication to this message. Please know there are those of us who are taking this seriously and picking up the mantle and taking it to the local church. Your obedience to put yourself in the arena of ‘training and equipping’ will be felt worldwide!”  Stephanie L., Indiana







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