Who’s winning Their Hearts?

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Who’s winning the hearts of our children in the world of education? One of the clearest issues in the education debate is the question of worldview development. The Nehemiah Institute continues to demonstrate year after year that Christian children in government schools who actually retain anything close to a biblical worldview are the rare exception and not the rule. (Do you know what a biblical worldview is?)

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no such thing as amoral education. All education teaches and shapes morality. It is impossible to separate one’s view of God, man, truth, knowledge, and ethics from the educational process. Every day that our children sit behind a desk, they are either being taught to know, love, and obey God or they are being taught to love and obey someone or something that has usurped God’s proper role.

If you think your child is above such influence, think again. The statistics tell the real story – less than 9% of our Christian children have a biblical worldview, and only one out of ten are absolutely committed to Christianity after being raised in our Christian homes.

How can I effectively “make disciples” of my children if I send them off to the government school forty-five to fifty hours per week? How can our children evangelize our government schools if they don’t know what they believe and why they believe it? Not to mention that all of the evidence currently points to the fact that our children are the evangelized, not the evangelists, in our nation’s schools. They are the ones being carried away by every wind of doctrine.

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4 thoughts on “Who’s winning Their Hearts?”

  1. Tracy O'Brien says:

    You are right, not everyone can homeschool. If you can, then by all means, DO IT! If you can’t you are still responsible to God for what your child is learning. Be as involved in their school as you can be. PTAs, volunteer, whatever you can.

    And when they are home with you—teach, be involved. There is no such concept as “quality time” in the Bible. It’s all about “quantity time”. Take them with you whenever you can. Let them see the gospel flowing through you. That is how they learn.

    **shameless plug here**— but Becky’s curriculums and do them with your own children! They are amazing! Start having “God-encounters” with your kids. It will make a HUGE differences in them.

  2. beckyfischer says:

    Jodi, another thing. We have a DVD session called “Creating a Biblical Worldview in Your Children.” You may want to purchase it. It’s a good starting place for you. Here’s the link.

  3. Jodi Roberts says:

    This is great information, but leaves one wanting for solution. Not all parents can homeschool. Many can not afford tuition at Christian schools.

    I agree we are without excuse for training our children and actually discipling them. Excited to see what God has placed in your heart and what He will do through your hands.

    Truly these are “terrifying” times to be a parent in the sense that it is so difficult to be counter-cultural. Thank you for taking a stand and providing practical resources for others who will commit to investing in the eternal future of our children.

    1. beckyfischer says:

      Jodi, you might want to seriously consider coming to our October conference “Revolutionary Parenting.” (Check out the Events Page.) We’ll have a variety of topics to help parents disciple their kids at home, whether they are in public school or home school. If you can’t physically attend, we hope to Live stream the sessions. So keep checking back for more information.

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